As Pir Nakış...

We bring to life by blending the experience of the past with our experience of nearly 50 years with innovative technology and integrating it with the understanding of sustainable fashion.

Quality, trust and innovation have been determined as the basic principles for Pir Nakış, which was founded by Fevzi Çakaloğlu as a family company.

While developing our business volume since the day we were first established, we do not forget our responsibility towards nature and people. Therefore, we prioritize the environmentally sensitive fashion approach.

As Pir Nakış, we operate in a wide area such as brode, quilting and home textile, and we also offer customised customer solutions. In order to provide fast and quality solutions to the needs of our country and the world, we have added N95 mask production in accordance with CE standards to our operations.

As Pir Nakış, which operates under the management of Melih Çakaloğlu in a constantly growing and developing corporate structure, we export to many countries in various regions of the world such as Europe and Africa continents with our large production capacity.


Annual Production (Million Meters)


Annual Production (Million Meters)


Open Field
Total (Square meter)


Closed Field
Total (Square meter)






Thanks to our high quality, innovative, wide range of products and services that we offer to our customers, we continue to serve the most respected and significant brands of the sector from various countries of the world.

  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Romania
  • Portugal
  • United Kingdom
  • Ukraine
  • Morocco

Please contact us for customized solutions.